Punk is not just a fashion, it's a way of life. People say that about a lot of things. "it's a way of life." This is rarely more true than the fashions that display wear and tear and Punk make no secret of hand sitches, ragged cuts and the lifestyle that gave Punk its name. Punk is loud and angry and queer and poor and Punks dress like punks. Punk that forgets its roots isn't punk anymore. As such, don't expect a lot of photos of my wardrobe here. That is unless you want to see my taped up discount Steve Madden boots.

Alright, this is a little ironic because punk is not designer, punk is not expensive....except, any image can be sold, just ask Disco Elysium. h.Naoto is a japanese alternate fashion brand, the likes black, silver and bleaching. The catalog is pretty edgy, but sometimes it works fine. I really like the splatter on this shirt.

Also by H.Naoto, a white shirt showing assymetical sleeves and caps in the shoulder, deisgned to evoke imagery of cut meat. This combined with the drawn organs give a fun look for slightly more fancy wear.