Not an exhaustive list of my accessories, due to the large number of smaller aquirements like pins, rings, earrings and such. Half of my accessories are regular ribbons or hanging from a ribbon hanger.


πŸ‘’I tend to favor hats or thin hairbands and headdressesto go with my short hair. Hats can sometimes proide the size balancing out a larger bottom half of the outfit. I do wear larger ones with wigs, but sometimes you don't want to put a pile of plastic on your head in the middle of summer.

MossBadger Rose Lace haddress

Bodyline Rose canotier

AngelicPRetty Magic Bat hairclip

FanPlusFriend GardenParty hat in navy

Handmade hat with ostrich feathers


πŸ“ΏI own lots of necklaces and chokers for someone who likes high collars the most. This section is fairly empty because no one has time to take pictures of thirty differently collored silk ribbons. πŸŽ€

Alice and the Pirates unknown jabot

MoiMemeMoitie Rose Cross Lace choker

MoiMemeMoitie Candelabra Lace choker

Rouge Airere Starless choker


πŸ‘œUntil the day that more skirts and dresses come with foot deep pockets, I am forced to bend the knee to bags and purses. I love the funky shaped ones, but it's always the practically shaped ones that tend to be the most useful.

Thrifted rose bag

Another thrift store find

Makeup bag

Eyeliner on the go

Offbrand purse

Wooden Coffin Purse

Horror Bat Purse -Swimmer

Pins,πŸ’ Rings, Etc.

Cainhurst pin - DreamCathedral

Muffy Pin - DreamCathedral

Coffin ring - Atelier17

Moon Project BatCake ring - Atelier17

Bat Ring - Atelier17

Memento Mori ring from Automatic Honey

Offbrand wrist cuffs.

Taobao cofin rings

For when you don't want to risk the nice things.