Sp1atoon, Spla2n, Splat3!

I don't do fandom of the month for cosplays, I cosplay what I love. Splatoon gripped me by the heart from day one. Of course I had to cosplay it! I needed to be fresh.


Callie is best girl, I dont care what the last fest had to say about it. The original boots were made from ten dollar walmart rainboots and pink paint because my standards for show making were very low back then.


Your favorite designer of war crimes and mine! No, not Roy Mustang, Marina Ida. The top was made of recycled leather.

Frye the Eel Deal Dancing Gangster

Frye was easy to do as far as clothes went. Her pants were basic linen salwar. A crop-top sleeveless tutrle neck was pretty much an exact match for something i already had in my wardrobe. It was her head that gave me trouble. I made her mango chutney head peice from foam that I had to coat in modgepodge, lest it absorb all the paint and then multiple layers of paint before i finally settled on Rustoleum MArigold yellow. Her hairline meant any attempt to put the tentacle wig on was under fire of failure due to my widows peak being a conspicuouus black. Next time i wear this out, I plan to have the waist be tighter, so as not to attempt to fall down and to properly paint my fingers and toes purple. only cost 55 dollars, but it took a lot of time.