About me

I am in my thirties, tubby and tired. One of those burnout, so called "gifted kids", half of what I do is effortless, the other half is an impossile struggle.

Having started my internet journey with dial-up and windows95, I've been quietly enamoured with neocities web pages for a while. I like the idea of a website where you control everything, including other peoples' ability to interact with you. Other websites on neocities looked so cool, I felt compelled to throw my hat in the ring, metaphorically. This website is for me, and if you've found it, then I hope you enjoy the visit.

I really love physical media, japanese flip phones/garakei and other older technology. I prefer repairable things. I tend to wear loud, eye catching fashion, but ironically don't like beiing looked at very much. I can't swim very well, at all, but I have so much fun that I hardly mind.

As a long time animal afficanado, i've owned lots of pets. Right now i have two goldfish won at a japanese festival, a tiny dog and a cockatiel.