Main Pieces

Coming from TradGoth to Lolita, I kept my color palette consistent with the transition. Gothic lolita feels the best to wear. Having tried out cutesy colors, I have pretty much given up on sweeter cuts and brighter colors, though some catch my eye from time to time.

Moi Meme Moitie Sleeping Garden Shirring OP

One of my first Moitie pieces.

Moi Meme Moitie 2023 Sleepng Garden Long OP

This is my first purchase directly from brand. I liked the 2012 Sleeping Garden's design but didn't like how short It was. With the idea of grabing the same thing but longer, I jumped at it. It's hard to get on your head if you have a thick dome, like myself but very pretty and feels swishy to wear.

Moi Meme Moitie 2023 Iron Gate OP

It was partially Fear Of Missing Out that motivated me to buy this and part desire to own what is 'the hype beast' dress for the gothic lolita crowd. It fits me nicely and doesn't ask for a lot of poof.

Atelier Boz Memphis OP

An absolute gem of a dress, it works well when zipped all the way or partially unzipped to act as a gillet.

Atelier Pierroit Fantasy Corset OP

I honestly haven't worn this one, much. It's nice but hasn't felt right for many occassions. It came to me without a zipper, as a fix it up project. I might sell it.

Surface Spell Lady in Darkness

The Obscura colorway of Lady in Darkness from Surface Spell. I got it a couple sizes too big and did some ameteur tailoring to get it to fit better.

Ista Mori- Nameless Poem

While not the most notorious nun style dress out there, this one is rather well known. I have a findness for it as one of my first dresses.

Atelier Pierroit Ferris Corset OP

Another one of those Not-Really-an-OP dresses, I love wearing this one. It really hits that sweet spot of Aristocrat for me, without feeling too plain. And you can pin up the skirt to make it shorter for more lolita looks.

Putumayo Eglise OP

A beautiful OP I barely fit. It came without its little corset belt which I had no problems with. the sheer ruffle at the end makes peeking petti more of a problem than other dresses but it's honestly so nice otherwise I don't mind.


Ah, yes. The bodyline wardrobe filler is a staple of the wardrobe. she pulls her weight around here and is probably the sweetest thing I own, along with my bodyline teaparties.

MARBLE charming Abomination

An impulse buy that added some much needed texture variety to my wardrobe. The shine really stands out in my mostly matte closet.

Magic Potion- The Moon Castle

A comfy fit for colder days. Synthetic material but a nice design that can be coordinated without much effort.

Atelier Boz - Florich Frill

A part of Atelier Boz's subbrand Lapin Agil, this fits well all around and looks great without the need for many accessories. It's the elegance that does it for me.

Infanta- Rose Cathedral

Gotten for twenty bucks at a swap meet, she needed some letting out in the bust area before I could get into it. It feels like a nice middle ground between the Florich Frill and Moon Castle dresses.

FanPlusFriend Garden OP

An oldie fromt he days when F+F was more blatant with design theft. Picked up early and I liked it too much to let it go. Good for summer days.

Putumayo - Worship OP

Solid color dresses with differently colored yokes are my jam, okay? Honestly kind of a htin material, and sort of formless. It attracts lint like no one's business.

Lapin Agil - florich Frill OP

Bought partially to fill in the 'red'dress' whole in my wardrobe. A wunderwelt find that was a bit pricey but worth the money.


here is where the description of my white dresses would go, if I had any.


here is where the description of my green dresses would go, if I had any.