Blouses and cutsews. I love a good high collar with long sleeves.

Hunting and Feast shirt- Anna's Secret


? - FanplusFriend

Square collare blouse- taobao

Tulle Lace Cutsew - BPN

Purple Polka Dot Halter top - BPN

The garden variety Taobao lolita bouse. I have three of these shirts in different colors. The Black fits so well, it's cheap but unironically my favorite shirt. Easy to wear when you don' t have to worry about replacing them.

Unknown Lucypack blouse - AP

Romeo Blouse - AatP Even a goth needs some color in their wardrobe for the black to seem extra dark.

A handmade longsleeve. It's good for layering.

Capes, Coats, Vests

Ribbon Dot Bolero - BPN

Halter vest - BPN

Bat Jacket - bodyline

Square Cut Cardigan - BPN

Vampire Standing Collar Cape - MARBLE