What's cooking, good looking?

I enjoy cooking a whole lot. If you get praise for something early enough in your life you sort of fold it into your identity(, at least if you're me). I actually got told I couldn't cook, and rightfully so. I made it a point to become good at making food to show everyone they were wrong. It took a long time to reach 'medicocre' but i have a hobby that I can share with others, use to nourish myself and impress people who have no skills in this area.

blue bento box showing rice with pickled plum and shrimp furikake and kiwi chunks in one half, and pan cooked scallops carrots and broccoli with rolled omlette chunks with sword shaped food picks

The bigger half of the bento has white jasmine rice with umeboshi and furikake on one side and quartered kiwi on the other. The smaller half has steamed, seasoned broccoli, tamagoyaki, and scallops with carrots. The colors all shine out of the sky blue lunch box in a nice way. One of the more visually appealing lunches i've made.

Chicken Tikka Masala served on basmati rice

Some chicken Tikka Masala served over Basmati rice. A simple dish (when you have a premade sauce).

Chinese braised tilapia

Hong Shao Yu or Chinese braised fish, was made with a hearty mixture of Shaoxing wine, light and dark soy sauces and ginger. Preparing the fish is somewhat laborious if you aren't used to cleaning a fish thoroughly. It's more of a family dish if you use a larger fish, but worth the time for occasions. I prefer when made with Tillapia or Striped Bass.

bibimbap in a white plastic bowl

Bibimbap. Gojuchang is liberally applied over a pan cooked mix of carrots, onions, spinach, seaseme seeds, chicken and cucumber. Jasmine rice is hidden under the spicy veggie-chicken mix, which is mostly hidden under a sunny side up egg. More work than Japchae, but better at using up your random veggies.

Three cheese Risotto with green onion & basil Sea Scallops. Perfect for a lighter lunch


A blueberry, pear and blackberry tart. Not agreat picture but plenty tasty. Very thick crust, but I'm always so nervous about making it too thin and it falling apart.

Sugar cookies, plain and simple. Half of the sugar was white, half was light brown.