I love music. People who say they aren't into music don't make sense to me. Are you also not into seeing things? Or having a sense of smell? Any way here're some tunes.

English music

Graveyard Club

Graveyard Club is a Minnesota based band that does dream pop. Their newest album MoonFlower is a stealth concept album (am i using that term correctly) about Death. The loniless of all your friends dying before you, the difficulty of letting go of being afraid of death, and acceptance are all alluded to via poetic references, often to Robert Frost. The synth heavy, major chords work well with the male and female vocalists. If you have a chance to see them live, I say take it. If you don't, then check out their bandcamp.

My Chemical Romance

Before I got into actual gothic artists, MCR was the newest hotness. Dark clothes, a strong sound and gothic themes to their songs. I found them through Vampyres AMVs on old school youtube and thought they were cool. After they had my attention, they really grew over the years and made their rock something strong.


Do I even have to say anything....?


2Mello is an american artist that does hip hop and electronic original music and remixes. 2mello is an exemplary sampler. 2mello does looming, forbidding tracks just as well as the bubbly dance tunes. Check out his stuff here.

Japanese Music

Malice Mizer

Okay, okay, I know every single Elegant Gothic Lolita likes Malice Mizer, but, listen. They're a cliche for a reason. They've got a wide range of stuff and helped codify the EGL look.


Macross82-99 does future funk remixes. The music is always fun. Often, it is good running music or stupendous dance music.


Jet Set Radio & Jet Set Radio Future

Jet Setradio was made in 2000, with lots of artist influence from the 80s and 90s as well as contemporary music styles. It really cut a rug with the cell shading, but the real star was the music. ShibuyaKei, House, 80s and 90s rap, hip hop and Rythm And Blues merged with each other to make a beautiful conglomeration of sounds. Each of the rival roller gangs have unique musical styles. Poison Jam wears Grunge punk and dirt bag skater kid energy. Noise Tanks are electric dance, trance, techno , lean mean skating machines. Love shockers are Heartbroken aggressive female vocals layered over rock and hip hop. The GGs are sunshine funk kids with poppy rhythms and high energy. The Sequel continues this trend with the GoldenRhinos with their classical hop hop. The Immortals bring the past to the future with traditional sounds used in new ways with lots of Balkan influences. Rapid99 pulls up with happy female vocals to the Love shockers' anger, putting a peppy, can-do attitude to conquering territory and spray paint street warfare. Doom Riders' hard rock edging into biker music lights a fire for listeners. The OSTs for bother games are wonderful, but don't forget to check out the songs from other srtists used in the game. Cake by Cibo Matto, Aisle 10 by ScapeGoatWax get special mention from me.

Paradise Killer OST

Paradise Killer's game play is alright, but it's real draw is the vaporwave aesthetics spread all over an island you can parkour through. This is enhanced by having music you can hear through speakers placed around the island or following you as you choose. This is good, because Paradise Killer's OST wields the OST to maximum effect. From jaunty 80's hip-hop to belted ballads to pop, all filtered through neon nostalgia for something a lot of us never experienced, this OST does its best at encapsulating the idea of an 80s summer vacation. Don't forget to check out the B-Sides album for more of vaporwave sunshine.


The splatoon OSTs are amazing. The first game along hits such a wide range of musical styles it fills a spot left empty since JSR and JSRF was left to languish by SEGA. To hear some music, click here to see my quarantined squid rambles and talk about the music stylings.