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NiHao, Wilkommen, All that good stuff.

Welcome to the home page. I like old media, loud sounds and bold flavors. This website may not be suitable to your tastes if you do not enjoy the same. This site is constantly under construction, so mind the gaps.

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Site News

May 16th 2024 Revamping the website. Thanks for the original layout sadgrl, but this is closer to what I wanted. Still janky with odd bits and bobs, but I learned a little while customizing it. That feels good.

April 24th 2024 SurroundSoundSugarSkulls is now WaltzQueen. All hail and all that jazz. Edited Splatoon, Silent Hill page, added River City Girls to games page, phones page added

November 21st 2023 Edited Splatoon page, books page, shows page, Bloodborne page and Silent Hill page

Septembter 18th 2023 Edited the Splatoon Page, links page, home page.

July 24th 2023 Edited cosplay page, added splash landing page

July 14th 2023 Edited my Page Not Found, linked Heather to Cosplay Page, Edited cosplay page

July 4th 2023 Added Heather cosplay page,added MaryRose to Shadows House cosplay page, edited Silent hill page, fixed broken link

June 25th 2023 Edited Silent Hill page. Added blog entry. Fixed some broken links

June 5th 2023 Added blog page to AboutMe and new link to index sidebar

June 2nd 2023 Added more graphics and links to Splatoon page.

May 28th 2023Added banners to Games page

May 25th 2023 I made a bunch of changes to my page. It's looking more inline with what I want it to be. It is still heavily under construction,though.

May 24th 2023 cool, now i have boxes.

May 22nd/2023 First month of SSSS is mostly over, after a year or so of thinking about getting a website then not actually get it done. Turns out this is just as hard as I remember it being way back in school. Then there is the additional hurdle of dreams too big for my hands to handle. I want graphics and fancy tricks I don't know how to provide or even have a strong concept for. Well, it's moving slowly but it is still moving. Perfection is the enemy of progress.

Established May 10th 2023

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To Do List

  • Games=> Deltarune/Undertale
  • fashion=> Goths + Posers + oldschool gatekeeping, lolita website graveyard
  • gardening=> photos of plants, nitrogen fixing
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